Case Consultation


MSilver Consulting works with schools, businesses, attorneys, government agencies, and service providers through expert consultation on cases involving domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking. These types of cases require experience and content expertise to navigate the unique challenges of sexual and domestic violence cases.

One of MSilver Consulting’s goals is to work with clients on appropriately addressing sexual assault and domestic violence. When situations arise at work, school, home, or in our government there are ways to achieve shared goals of supporting victims, accountability for those who harm others, and preventing it from happening again. MSilver Consulting’s expertise in law, policy, and prevention will be a valuable asset as you seek to address cases of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. No matter how complex or how many cases you are working on or addressing we are here to help. Our approach is trauma-informed, evidence-based, and survivor centered.

Examples of case consultation clients:

  • Doctors
  • Attorneys
  • Schools
  • Community Groups
  • Government Agencies
  • Businesses
  • Non-profits
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