Policy Development


We take on tough policy challenges that work to remove the conditions that allow sexual and domestic violence to thrive AND by creative effective responses. MSilver Consulting works directly with schools, businesses, government agencies, and service providers to develop effective policies based on best practice to respond to domestic and sexual violence.

Strong sexual assault or domestic violence policies lay the groundwork for structures of support for victims and of accountability for perpatrators. They create paths for properly addressing cases of harassment, assault, and violence while tackling key prevention issues. Having a sound policy structure that is crafted to your unique needs and environment are essential to safety and wellbeing for everyone.

Examples of policies MSilver Consulting Helps Develop:

  • Campus Title IX Policies
  • Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in the Workplace Policies (for companies big or small, non-profits, start-ups, government agencies, hospitals)
  • Government Policies on Gender-Based Violence
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