I am a new family law practitioner who was representing a client pro bono through the Women’s Bar Family Law Project for Battered Women.  The case was scheduled for trial with my client alleging domestic violence on the part of the other party.  This was to be my second trial, the first was purely financial.  I connected with Attorney Silver and she assisted me to prepare for trial; her trial experience as a prosecutor and vast experience working with survivors of domestic violence were both invaluable resources in our collaboration.  Attorney Silver also assisted working with the client for the trial preparation and developing trial strategy techniques.  It was such a benefit to have an experienced practitioner with whom I could brainstorm and prepare, I would work with Moriah again on any complex cases involving allegations of domestic violence because her experience is priceless. – Julie, Family Law Attorney

Moriah is an experienced and passionate professional with a deep understanding of issues involving sexual and domestic violence.  I recently reached out to Moriah  with  questions about how parents can best address issues relating to date rape drugs on campus.  Moriah discussed the role of the Title VI coordinator on college campuses and the role of parents, as well as unique considerations for college-aged victims.  Moriah’s experience as a prosecutor means she knows the levels of evidence necessary to hold people accountable.  Moriah’s experience as a human means she is a zealous advocate for victims.  The combination results in balanced, practical, and thoughtful advice about how to address issues of gender-based violence.  I would not hesitate to reach out to Moriah to discuss how she may be able to help! – Kathryn, Attorney